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Monday, October 31, 2011

Manchester City stays clear of United after slaying Wolves

Interesting weekend at the English Premier League. And it’s getting crowded at the top which is all good, yes? So unlike the Primera Liga that is a two-trick show. If you ask me, Barcelona and Real Madrid should just play a best-of-five season to determine who the win the trophy.

At the risk of offending Real Sociedad fans, onto the English Premier League.

Arsenal marches to London rival Chelsea’ grounds and stomps them 5-3 behind Rob van Persie’s three goals. What does that mean? Chelsea loses ground and Arsenal sets itself up again for massive disappointment if they fail to win this year. Yes, I know that Arsene Wenger says that the Gunners are back but that really remains to be seen.

United righted their ship with a 1-nil win over Everton after another finish by Javier Hernandez. Boo!

Tottenham crushes QPR 3-1 and me Liverpool lads choked West Brom 2-nil. Hey, there’s a Magpie sighting!!!

So we’re on to Manchester City vs. Wolverhampton.

The question for the Citizens is this – how do you follow a 6-1 thrashing of United at Old Trafford now that you’re home at Etihad?

Well, there’s frequent victim Wolverhampton that has not beaten City since 1999. And there was the recent 5-2 Carling Cup victory over this Midlands squad.

With five points ahead of United, it was imperative for Robert Mancini’s side to collect a win and keep distance. Who needs Carlos Tevez when you have Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, David Silva, and Mario Balotelli? I think Tevez is a gifted footballer but you cannot have to headcases in one squad (the other is Balotelli). Who will be the straw that stirs the drink here?

Balotelli’s off the bench and while Wolves are worried about Dzeko, Aguero, and Silva, Micah Richards raids them on the right for a bunch of crosses. Just as I am giving Wayne Hennessy some love he commits a defensive howler as Aguero pressures him into losing the ball. Edin Dzeko gets maybe the easiest goal all year. It’s Christmas in October.

City defender Aleksandar Kolarov poaches a goal and although Stephen Hunt equalizes with a penalty after a foul inside the box by Vincent Kompany that saw his given a red card by the referee (I figure Kompany said something in French that the referee understood) that was somewhat harsh.

But Adam Johnson, a late sub for Mancini’s side, finished off Mick McCathy’s side for a 3-1 Man City win.

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